Supplemental Course Materials

Supplemental Course Materials

Buy the entire QuickSheets set — all six titles over forty-six pages and save $19.70!

Money Education QuickSheets know everything you don’t know faster.

The tax and financial planning reference tool that is there when and where you need to know. Every QuickSheets title is packed with performance-critical information delivered in a concise full-color format. View a sample pdf

For working professionals and educators, QuickSheets are a handy and fast professional reference that will save you time and aggravation.

For students, if you know what’s on the QuickSheets, you’ve mastered the course. QuickSheets cover all major points (and most minor ones!) in your course and on the CFP® exam.

QuickSheets Benefits:
•    Reduces study and research time
•    Focuses on "hot topics" for the CFP exam
•    Reinforces and enhances learning
•    All-in-one reference to keep in your briefcase, shelf or desktop
•    Color-coded for easy reading